Jul 26, 2016

Structural insights into HDAC6 activity and inhibition

FMI research groups led by Patrick Matthias and Heinz Gut have elucidated the long-sought crystal structure of the catalytic domains of HDAC6, as well as functionally analyzing this protein. HDAC6 is a key player in the cellular stress response, and its inhibition is considered a promising avenue for the treatment of myelomas and possibly also autoimmune diseases and inflammation. This study should therefore facilitate drug development efforts. In addition, the scientists identified a novel HDAC6 selective inhibitor and clarified how HDAC6 acts on its main physiological substrate tubulin. Read more

Jun 24, 2016

Aggressiveness of acute myeloid leukemia elucidated

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Jun 02, 2016

How fear makes us freeze

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May 27, 2016

Double honors for the Bentires-Alj lab

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Sep 05, 2016. Time: 09.00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Robustness and variability in C. elegans post-embryonic development
Jeroen van Zon, FOM Institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sep 06, 2016. Time: 12.30  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Basel Breast Consortium Tandem Seminar Series
1. Unravelling mechanisms of breast cancer metastasis
2. Ultrasound in breast cancer diagnostics
3. Translation of genomics into actionable information

1. Curzio Rüegg, Pathology, University of Fribourg
2. Rosanna Zanetti, Claraspital, Basel
3. Matthias Langenfeld, Genomic Health International, Geneva

Sep 30, 2016. Time: 10.15  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Epigenetic mechanisms in early mammalian development
Maria Elena Torres-Padilla, Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells (IES), Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany

Oct 03, 2016. Time: 17.00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Dissecting neural circuits for memory, navigation and attention in the rodent hippocampal formation
Attila Losonczy, Department of Neuroscience, Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA

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Recent Publications

Nestorov P, Hotz HR, Liu Z, Peters AH Dynamic expression of chromatin modifiers during developmental transitions in mouse preimplantation embryos Sci Rep. 2016 Sep; 5:14347

Miyake Y, Keusch JJ, Wang L, Saito M, Hess D, Wang X, Melancon BJ, Helquist P, Gut H, Matthias P Structural insights into HDAC6 tubulin deacetylation and its selective inhibition Nat Chem Biol. 2016 Sep; 12(9):748-754

Tucker RP, Peterson CA, Hendaoui I, Bichet S, Chiquet-Ehrismann R The expression of tenascin-C and tenascin-W in human ossicles J Anat. 2016 Sep; 229(3):416-21

Gonzalez-Sandoval A, Gasser SM On TADs and LADs: Spatial Control Over Gene Expression Trends Genet. 2016 Aug; 32(8):485-95

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