Dec 18, 2017

Virus stamping - a versatile new method for genetic engineering of single cells

Research groups led by Botond Roska at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) and Daniel Müller at the ETH Zurich Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering (D BSSE) have developed a novel method that allows them to efficiently deliver genes into single cells in whole tissues. This not only facilitates the study of the individual cells in an organ such as the brain, but could also pave the way to new gene therapies. Read more

Oct 30, 2017

An RNA TREAT for Halloween

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Oct 26, 2017

The promoter sets the course for transcription termination

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Oct 23, 2017

High-speed locomotion neurons found in the brainstem

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Jan 18, 2018. Time: 12:15  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Single molecule studies of homologous recombination
Eric Greene, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

Feb 06, 2018. Time: 11:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

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Jussi Taipale, Department of Biochemistry, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

Feb 07, 2018. Time: 16:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Crosstalk of actin- and histone-families in the organization of chromatin and the nucleus
Masahiko Harata, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

Feb 08, 2018. Time: 11:30  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Title t.b.a.
Thomas Bourgeron, Pasteur Institut, Paris, France

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Recent Publications

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Schubert R, Trenholm S, Balint K, Kosche G, Cowan CS, Mohr MA, Munz M, Martinez-Martin D, Fläschner G, Newton R, Krol J, Scherf BG, Yonehara K, Wertz A, Ponti A, Ghanem A, Hillier D, Conzelmann KK, Müller DJ, Roska B Virus stamping for targeted single-cell infection in vitro and in vivo Nat Biotechnol. 2018 Jan; 36(1):81-88

Lee HJ, Smallwood SA Genome-Wide Analysis of DNA Methylation in Single Cells Using a Post-bisulfite Adapter Tagging Approach Methods Mol Biol. 2018 Jan; 1712:87-95

Peat JR, Smallwood SA Low Input Whole-Genome Bisulfite Sequencing Using a Post-Bisulfite Adapter Tagging Approach Methods Mol Biol. 2018 Jan; 1708:161-169

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