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The Friedrich Miescher Institute brings together in an open collegial research environment a unique scientific community of diverse talents: world-class group leaders, highly trained professional staff, and students from around the world.

At the FMI, scientists are encouraged to explore novel areas with intellectually daring approaches and to push back the horizons of knowledge with innovation and ideas.

At the interface of basic and applied research, scientists at the FMI are constantly encouraged to examine the biomedical application of their findings.

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These are the current open positions:
1 Postdoctoral Position: Quantitative Analysis of Hydra Self-Organization
2 Postdoctoral Positions: Oscillatory gene expression dynamics in developmental time control
3 Postdoctoral Position on HDACs in chromatin regulation
4 Postdoctoral Position: Mechanisms of Organoid Formation
5 Postdoctoral Position: Epigenetic and Transcriptional Mechanisms of Brain Map Formation

Please contact our Head of Human Resources.

FMI International PhD Program

The FMI International PhD Program provides advanced, interdisciplinary training in epigenetics, neurobiology and quantitative biology.
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Postdoctoral positions

Please contact directly the group leaders in your area of interest.
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