Luca Giorgetti

Chromosome structure and transcriptional regulation

To establish and maintain complex gene expression patterns, cells require precise control of transcription. In mammals this involves trans-acting factors, such as transcription factor binding to promoter-proximal regulatory sequences, as well as cis-acting elements, such as distant cell-type specific enhancers interacting with promoters in the three-dimensional nuclear space.

Both cis and trans regulation involve stochastic molecular events, which may contribute to generating gene expression variability between cells and over time, and may be functionally relevant for example in the context of developmental cell fate transitions. It is thus fundamental to quantitatively characterize the cell-to-cell and temporal variability of chromosome structure and its interplay with transcription factor binding.

Our research combines physical modeling of chromatin structure, chromosome conformation analyses, high-resolution and quantitative microscopy with genetic engineering in mammalian cells, in order to quantitatively analyze the three-dimensional structure of chromosomes, and to unravel the interplay between chromosome structure and transcriptional regulation.

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Luca Giorgetti
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