Equality and diversity at FMI

At FMI we believe that successful research and collaboration flourishes in a strong intellectual environment where diversity and different cultural backgrounds are valued. The FMI is thus committed to creating, maintaining and promoting equality and diversity in all aspects of its activities, policies and procedures. It aims to provide an atmosphere that is fair and inclusive, welcoming differences, and recognizing and appreciating the contribution and potential of all.

Gender Equality

Currently, approximately half of the PhD students at the FMI –and in Europe in general--are women, but the number of women researchers decreases at the postdoctoral level and drops further in leadership positions.

To help overcome the current gender imbalance at more senior levels at the FMI, and to encourage and support our female trainees, we joined the H2020-funded project LIBRA. Together with 12 top European research institutes of the EULIFE alliance, we are actively working on improvements in four domains:

  • Recruitment
  • Career Development
  • Work-life Balance
  • Sex and Gender Dimension in Research

Through measures in these areas, we want to increase the attractiveness of FMI as an employer for female scientists. In addition, career advice and counseling to PhD students and Postdocs is provided through a position funded by LIBRA.

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