Licensing Opportunities

The FMI is interested and experienced in the biomedical translation of its research findings.

Please contact the Head Patents and Licensing with questions and comments.

Below is a list of all the published licensing opportunities.

Title (priority date) Phosphorylated Twist1 and cancer (30.10.2009)
Inventors Xue, Gresko, Vichalkowskiy & Hemmings
Title (priority date) Functionalized organotypic systems (29.9.2009)
Inventors Busskamp, Dübel, Picaud, Sahel & Roska
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating MEX-3 (22.9.2009)
Inventors Ciosk & Kalchhauser
Title (priority date) Genetic vasectomy by overexpression of PRML- EGFP fusion protein in spermatids (28.8.2009)
Inventors Peters, Buch & Pelczar
Title (priority date) Novel therapy for anxiety (6.3.2009)
Inventors Caroni, Gogolla, Herry & Lüthy
Title (priority date) Modulating XRN2 (4.12.2008)
Inventors Chatterjee & Grosshans
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating a MNK (12.11.2008)
Inventors Grzmil, Hemmings, Merlo & Morin
Title (priority date) Teneurin and cancer (7.11.2008)
Inventors Chiquet & Kenzelmann
Title (priority date) Modulating neuronal plasticity and treatment of neuronal loss by modulating Wnt7a or Wnt7b modulation (4.11.2008)
Inventors Caroni
Title (priority date) Experimental models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (31.10.2008)
Inventors Dümmler, Hemmings & Zhuravleva
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating RNA helicases (24.9.2008)
Title (priority date) Novel mitochondrial dye (25.6.2008)
Inventors Oertner & Rose
Title (priority date) Novel Tool for the Analysis of Neural Circuits (11.3.2008)
Inventors Balint, Boldogkoi & Roska
Title (priority date) Treating Cancer by Down-Regulating Frizzled-4 and/or Frizzled-1 (11.3.2008)
Inventors Hynes & Schlange
Title (priority date) Use of protease nexin 1 inhibitors to reduce metastasis (6.12.2007)
Inventors Fayard & Monard
Title (priority date) Biomarkers for the onset of neurodegenerative diseases (28.11.2007)
Inventors Caroni & Saxena
Title (priority date) Method for prolonging longevity (3.9.2007)
Inventors Adilov, Alcedo & Maier
Title (priority date) Uses and methods relating to NDR kinaseexpression and/or activity (29.11.2006)
Inventors Cornils, Dirnhofer & Hemmings
Title (priority date) Materials and Methods Relating to Cell Motility (20.3.2003)
Inventors Badache, Hynes and Marone
Title (priority date) Methods and reagents for protease inhibition (24.2.2003)
Inventors Albrecht, Hengst & Monard
Title (priority date) Protease activated receptor assays (10.9.2001)
Inventors Altrogge and Monard
Title (priority date) Markers and screens (10.8.2001)
Inventors Ackermann and Matus
Title (priority date) Anti-tumour agents and methods of identifying anti-tumour agents (9.8.2001)
Inventors Chiquet-Ehrismann and Orend
Title (priority date) Tumour-cell specific gene expression and its use in cancer therapy (23.6.2000)
Inventors Imbert, Krek and Gallani
Title (priority date) Compound and Method (9.6.2000)
Inventors Hemmings and Maira
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