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Title (priority date) Materials and Methods Relating to Cell Motility (20.3.2003)
Reference: 1-32998/FMI
Inventors: Badache, Hynes and Marone
Description: Myc-CGI-27 was expressed in vitro in reticulocyte lysates and tested for binding. Immunodepletion of endogenous Shc from the lysates led to strongly decreased binding of Myc-CGI-27 to phospho-YD.
Applications: The use of a modulator of a mediator of ErbB2-dependent cell motility (MEMO) polypeptide or an homolog of this is claimed, for modulating cellular migration. Also claimed are a method of screening for modulators of cellular migration or binding partners of MEMO, an isolated MEMO polypeptide, a vector comprising a nucleic acid encoding MEMO, methods for preparing a polypeptide, si RNA duplexes and a transgenic non-human mammal, a transformed host cell, a nucleic acid, a double stranded RNA, a siRNA duplex, further vectors, a transgenic non-human mammal, an isolated antibody, and a MEMO inhibitor. It is claimed that modulators of MEMO are useful for inhibiting metastasis and/or angiogenesis in cancer and for promoting wound healing. The invention as claimed provides a means of contolling angiogenesis and cellular migration.
Status: Pending EP and US
Opportunity: Exclusive and non exclusive license available
Publications: Marone et al., Nat Cell Biol. 2004 Jun;6(6):515-22
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PCT File: WO04083865
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