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Title (priority date) Compound and Method (9.6.2000)
Reference: 1-31465/FMI
Inventors: Hemmings and Maira
Description: Nude mice were injected with 100 uml of either the CTMP-expressing clone CCL64 cells or 2B2 control cells, both at a concentration of 107 cells/ml, and the diameter of the tumors that developed was measured with callipers. In the control mice, tumors developed after 11 days, whereas mice injected with CTMP-expressing cells did not develop tumors until day 20 post-injection. In all cases, treated animals developed smaller tumors and some clones prevented tumor development altogether. This suggests that CTMP-expressing cells can delay, reduce and abolish tumor mass formation in mice. Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequences are presented.
Applications: An isolated polynucleotide encoding the carboxy-terminal modulating protein (CTMP) is claimed. A vector comprising the polynucleotide, a host cell transformed with the vector, the CTMP protein encoded by the polynucleotide and a CTMP-specific antibody are also claimed. Methods for producing a CTMP-specific antibody, screening modulators of CTMP activity and inhibiting cancer cell growth are further claimed. It is stated that CTMP modulators identified by the screen are useful in the treatment of diseases associated with anomalous cell growth or insulin regulation.
Status: US and AU granted.
Opportunity: Non exclusive license available
Publications: Maira et al., Science. 2001 Oct 12;294(5541):374-80
Contact: Dr. Nicolas Favre, tel: +41 61 6978382, e-mail:
PCT File: WO0194581
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