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Title (priority date) Tumour-cell specific gene expression and its use in cancer therapy (23.6.2000)
Reference: 1-31520/FMI
Inventors: Imbert, Krek and Gallani
Description: The inventors demonstrated that the Skp 2 promoter is useful in a method of cancer cell specific gene expression, e.g. a recombinant viral vector, more particularly an adenoviral vector, as a way of driving in vivo tumour cell specific expression of a suitable transgene, e.g. a gene causing apoptosis.
Applications: A polynucleotide comprising an Skp 2 promoter sequence is provided. The promoter is useful in tumour and cancer therapy, in particular in therapies that are intended to selectively kill or reduce the growth, division or viability of tumour or cancer cells compared to surrounding, non-tumour or non-cancer cells. Also provided are methods for screening for inhibitors of Skp2 promoter activity.
Status: Au granted
Opportunity: Non exclusive license available
Contact: Dr. Nicolas Favre, tel: +41 61 6978382, e-mail:
PCT File: WO0198511
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