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Title (priority date) Anti-tumour agents and methods of identifying anti-tumour agents (9.8.2001)
Reference: 1-32119/FMI
Inventors: Chiquet-Ehrismann and Orend
Description: Studies were carried out to investigate the interactions between the thirteenth fibronectin type III (FNIII13) repeat and tenascin-C. It was demonstrated that tenascin-C interferes with cell spreading, focal contact and actin stress fiber formation on fibronectin and that this effect can be neutralized by the addition of FNIII13. It was also found that blocking of syndecan-4 function by tenascin-C enhances tumor cell proliferation.
Applications: A composition comprising a polypeptide or portion or variant of the polypeptide which interferes with tenascin binding to fibronectin is claimed. It is also claimed that the composition can be used for the treatment of immune-related diseases, thrombosis, atherosclerosis or wound healing. The polypeptide portion in the composition is further claimed to bind tenascin-C and syndecan-4 and competes with the thirteenth fibronectin type III repeat of the native fibronectin protein for tenascin binding. It is stated that the composition can also be used to treat a tumor when the cancer cells express tenascin C and it is additionally claimed that the composition can be used to treat mesenchymal cancer, epithelial cancer, glioblastoma and breast carcinoma. Methods for screening potential anti-cancer agents in which the test compounds are assayed for their ability to disrupt binding of the fibronectin ligand to tenascin are also claimed.
Status: Pending EP. US patent granted
Opportunity: Exclusive or non exclusive license available
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PCT File: WO03013590
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