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Title (priority date) Markers and screens (10.8.2001)
Reference: 1-32130/FMI
Inventors: Ackermann and Matus
Description: Methods and materials for use in markers of synaptic activity and use of these for identifying modulators of such activity. the inventors showed that activation of NMDA receptors produced long-duration Ca2+-dependent targeting of profilin II to spine heads.
Applications: A method for identifying or detecting a synapse that has been activated, or assessing the level of activation of a synapse, which method comprises: (i) determining the presence and\or amount in a morphologically specialised postsynaptic site in the synapse of a detectable cellular component associated with the activation, and (ii) correlating the result of the determination with synaptic activation.
Status: Pending EP
Opportunity: Exclusive or non exclusive license available
Publications: Ackermann et al., Nat Neurosci. 2003 Nov;6(11):1194-200
Contact: Dr. Nicolas Favre, tel: +41 61 6978382, e-mail:
PCT File: WO03014733
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