A strong commitment to teaching

The Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research is an affiliated institute of the University of Basel. Several FMI group leaders present lecture series and laboratory courses at the university, especially in the Faculty of Science but also in the Faculty of Medicine. Thirteen group leaders are professors at the University of Basel, 5 emeriti have professor titles and 7 other FMI group leaders are involved in diverse teaching activities.

Courses taught by FMI group leaders at the University of Basel in Fall 2018:

13182-01 Functional organization of the cell nucleus
13186-01 Frontiers in RNA Biology

Courses taught by FMI group leaders at the University of Basel in Spring 2018:

10414-01 Neurobiologie
12285-01 Cell biology and neurobiology
13693-01 Signaling in the nervous system
13709-01 Transcription, regulation and gene expression in eukaryotes
17678-01 Progress in neuronal circuit research II
19520-01 Dynamics and maintenance of the genome: DNA replication, repair, recombination
28854-01 Stem cell biology
30653-01 Cell fate regulation in animal development II
39343-01 Progress in chromatin and epigenetic research II
49927-01 Neue Literatur in der Neurobiologie
49929-01 Basel Seminars in Neuroscience

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