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Title C4: Cell Interactions in Development and Disease
Location: Biozentrum Hoersaal 102, 16:15-18:00, Spring Semster 2012
Coordinator: Markus Rüegg, Matthias Chiquet and Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann
Mar 07, 2012 Matthias, Chiquet, University of Bern
Introduction to ECM and cell adhesion
Mar 14, 2012 Markus Rüegg, University of Basel
Introduction to the physiology and function of skeletal muscle
Mar 21, 2012 Madeleine Durbeej, Lund University
Laminin in myomatrix
Mar 28, 2012 Valerie Allamand, Institut de Myologie, Paris
Collagen VI and muscular dystrophies
Apr 04, 2012 Peter Sonderegger, University of Zürich
Neuromuscular junctions and muscle aging
Apr 11, 2012 Michael Kjaer, Copenhagen University
Muscle-tendon matrix in training and ageing
Apr 18, 2012 Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann, Friedrich Miescher Institut, Basel
Skeleton - genetic diseases
Apr 25, 2012 Arnaud Scherberich, University of Basel
Bioengineering of bone
May 02, 2012 Manuel Koch, University of Cologne
Collagen XXIII and XII in bone and skin physiology
May 09, 2012 Olivier Lefebvre, University of Strasbourg
Laminins in physiology and cancer
May 16, 2012 Gertraud Orend, University of Strasbourg
Tenascin-C in cancer
May 23, 2012 Josephine Adams, University of Bristol
Fascin-1 in cancer progression
May 30, 2012 Richard P. Tucker, University of California, Davis
The evolutionary origin of ECM and cell adhesion proteins
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