40 Years of Excellence in Science

Welcome to the FMI 40th Anniversary Symposium

The FMI 40th Anniversary Symposium "Frontiers in Biomedical Research" on September 20 & 21 is the major scientific anniversary event for our collaborators, colleagues and peers from Switzerland and around the world. The FMI will be hosting a two-day symposium with a panel of outstanding speakers at the Congress Center Basel. During this symposium the FMI will be bringing the cutting edge of biomedical research to Basel, while celebrating its legacy in research.

The meeting will cover the top-cited, ground-breaking fields of the last 10 years:

Epigenetics & Stem Cells Cancer Biology
Neuronal Circuits & Behavior Small RNA Function
Cell Signaling Genome Stability


Silvia Arber Susan M. Gasser Ueli Schibler
Thomas Boller Brian A. Hemmings Dirk Schübeler
Pico Caroni Barbara Hohn William Sellers
Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann Tony Hunter Francoise Stutz
Gerhard Christofori Nancy E. Hynes George Thomas
Barry Dickinson Josef Jiricny Susumu Tonegawa
Catherine Dulac Andreas Lüthi Jürg Tschopp
Witek Filipowicz Erich Nigg
Amanda Fisher Antoine H.F.M.Peters

Important deadlines

Registration deadline: September 10, 2010
Abstract submission deadline: August 13, 2010
Poster PDF submission deadline: August 27, 2010


Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland
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Organizing Committee

Patrick Matthias
Marc Bühler
Filippo Rijli
Isabella Bogdal, Administration
Sandra Ziegler Handschin, Communications

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