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The Friedrich Miescher Institute brings together a unique scientific community of diverse talents: world-class group leaders, highly trained professional staff, and students from around the world.

Currently (end 2018) we employ around 350 staff, including 19 research group leaders, about 80 PhD students and 105 postdoctoral fellows from almost 40 different countries.

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» Dr. Nicolas Favre

Meet our PhD students, postdocs and alumni

Meet Makoto Saito, PhD student, Matthias lab (Dec 17, 2018)
Alumni In Profile Peter Nestorov, PhD student, Peters lab 2009-2015 (Dec 7, 2017)
Meet Ishan Deshpande, PhD student, Protein Structure platform and Gasser lab (Dec 4, 2017)
Meet Sarah Carl and Takashi Miki, Postdoctoral Fellows in Computational Biology and Ciosk lab
Meet Peter Rupprecht, PhD student, Friedrich lab
Meet Maryline Minoux, Visiting Scientist, Rijli lab
Meet Jonathan Fadok, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lüthi lab
Meet Cornelia Habacher, PhD student, Ciosk lab
Meet Philip Tovote, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lüthi lab
Meet Adriana Gonzalez, PhD student, Gasser lab
Meet Shany Koren, PhD student, Bentires-Alj lab
Meet Katarzyna Kowalik, PhD student, Bühler lab
Meet Matyas Ecsedi, PhD student, Grosshans lab
Meet Eric Fischer, Postdoctoral Fellow, Thomä lab
Meet Steffen Wolf, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lüthi lab
Meet Soledad Esposito, Postdoctoral Fellow, Arber lab
Meet Keisuke Yonehara, Postdoctoral Fellow, Roska lab
Meet Flavio Donato, PhD student, Caroni lab
Meet Adrian Britschgi, PhD student, Bentires-Alj lab
Meet Johannes Letzkus, Postdoctoral Fellow, Lüthi lab

*Note some of these PhD students and Postdocs have meanwhile left the FMI to pursue their further career.

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