Jean-Pierre Jost

Jost JP, Fremont M, Siegmann M, Hofsteenge J (1997) The RNA moiety of chick embryo 5 methylcytosine DNA glycosylase targets DNA demethylation.
Nucl Acids Res 25:4545-4550

Jost JP, Schwarz S, Hess D, Angliker H, Fuller-Pace FV, Stahl H, Thiry S, Siegmann M (1999) A chicken embryo protein related to the mammalian DEAD box protein p68 (RNA helicase) is tightly associated with the highly purified protein-RNA complex of 5 methylcytosine DNA glycosylase.
Nucl Acids Res 27:3245-3252

Zhu B, Zheng Y, Hess D, Angliker H, Schwarz S, Siegmann M, Thiry S, Jost JP (2000) 5 methylcytosine DNA glycosylase activity is present in a cloned G/T mismatch DNA glycosylase associated with the chicken embryo DNA demethylation complex.
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 97:5135-5139

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