Chromosome Dynamics

An international symposium on chromatin and chromosome stability

December 8-10, 2019

This meeting is organized in honor of the 150th anniversary of the discovery of nucleic acids as a major constitutent of the cell nucleus. In 1869 the Basler biochemist Friedrich Miescher determined its chemical composition and named the substance "Nuklein", at a time when most scientists assumed that cells were made up only of proteins. All aspects of modern day chromosome biology will be presented and discussed at this conference.

Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research
Maulbeerstrasse 66
Basel | Switzerland

Topics presented:
DNA replication and repair
Transcriptional regulation
Nuclear organization and chromatin folding
Chromatin in early development
Mathematical modeling of chromatin
Quantitative imaging
Structural biology of nucleosomes

Tatsuro Fukagawa | Osaka U., Osaka
Ayana Kon | Kyoto University
Hiroshi Matsumoto | Kazusa Inst. Chiba
Yusuke Miyanari | NIBB, Okazaki, Aichi
Takashi Nagano | Osaka University
Tomoko Nishiyama | Nagoya University
Chikashi Obuse | Osaka University
Miho Ohsugi | University Tokyo
Yuki Okada | University Tokyo
Sung-Joon Park | University Tokyo
Yuji Sakai | University Tokyo
Kaoru Sato | Keio University, Tokyo
Soya Shinkai | RIKEN
Miki Shinohara | Kindai University, Nara
Katsuhiko Shirahige | University Tokyo
Mikita Suyama | Kyushu U., Fukuoka
Kikuë Tachibana | IMBA, Vienna, Austria
Tatsuro Takahashi | Kyushu U., Fukuoka
Nicolas Thomae, | FMI, Switzerland
Frank Uhlmann | Crick Institute, London
Hiroyuki Araki | NIG, Mishima
Camilla Björkegren | Karolinska Institute
Franziska Bleichert | FMI, Switzerland
John Diffley | Crick Institute, London
Susan M. Gasser | FMI, Switzerland
Luca Giorgetti | FMI, Switzerland
Makoto Hayashi | Kyoto University
Toru Hirota | Cancer institute, Tokyo
Yumiko Imai | Natl Inst. Biomed Innov. Osaka
Kohjiro Ishii | Kochi Technology U., Kochi
Takehiko Ito | Tokyo Inst. Technology
Hiroshi Iwasaki | Tokyo Inst. Technology
Yuka Iwasaki | Keio University, Tokyo
Masato Kanemaki | NIG, Mishima
Hiroshi Kimura | Tokyo Inst. Technology
Akatsuki Kimura | NIG, Mishima
Joao Matos | ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Hiroshi Ochiai | Hiroshima U., Hiroshima
Jan-Michael Peters | IMP, Vienna, Austria
Akira Shinohara | Osaka University

Open to all interested scientists, online registration is required.

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Katsuhiko Shirahige
Akira Shinohara
Susan M. Gasser

Questions about the symposium should be addressed to Gabi Gruber: