March 17, 2017

10 years European Research Council (ERC)

In March, the European Research Council (ERC) is celebrating its 10th anniversary. In only a decade, it has become a flagship for excellent scientific research. Since its inception, scientists at the FMI have been particularly successful in obtaining these highly competitive grants: The FMI has hosted 16 ERC grants in the last 10 years. The grants have allowed FMI scientists to pursue high-risk projects and embrace potentially game-changing technologies, thus strengthening the excellent reputation of Swiss research.

In only a decade, the European Research Council (ERC) has become a flagship for excellent scientific research in – and for – Europe. It has proven successful in attracting top researchers to Europe and in increasing competitiveness at a global scale. The ERC allows the brightest scientists to perform research that eventually will pave the way to innovation.

In the last ten years, the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research (FMI) has hosted 16 ERC grants. They included Advanced Grants for outstanding research leaders, Consolidator Grants to continue a developing career and Starting Grants for young talented scientists gaining independence. These grants have allowed the FMI group leaders and their coworkers to pursue high-risk projects and implement novel methods beyond the scope of the labs at the time. The grants also proved to be multipliers with increased visibility of the research in academia and beyond.

“Basic research is of utmost importance to boost innovation and to address the pressing biomedical challenges,” comments Susan Gasser, FMI Director. “The ERC has an extremely positive impact on excellent research and on harnessing the innovative strength of the scientists, also here in Switzerland. Switzerland should therefore ensure also in the future our seamless participation in ERC to raise the impact and the reputation even further.”

FMI ERC grants:
Silvia Arber
Marc Bühler
Pico Caroni
Helge Grosshans
Georg Keller
Andreas Lüthi
Antoine Peters
Botond Roska
Dirk Schübeler
Nico Thoma
Mohamed Bentires-Alj (now at DBM)