May 7, 2014

Antoine Peters and Rainer Friedrich elected as EMBO Members

Today, the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) announced the election of Antoine Peters and Rainer Friedrich - both senior group leaders at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research – to its membership. They are among the 106 outstanding life scientists from Europe and elsewhere newly elected for the 50th anniversary of EMBO.

“In the past decades, many of the concepts, techniques and insights of molecular biology have been applied to fundamental questions in other disciplines of the life sciences. […] We wanted to reflect […] these exciting developments in our membership,” says EMBO Director Maria Leptin in a media release explaining the strategic expansion of EMBO’s membership in its 50th anniversary year.

In recent years, Antoine Peters and Rainer Friedrich of the FMI have each made significant contributions to advances in their own field and to cross-pollination with other fields and communities.

Antoine Peters is an expert in the epigenetics of developmental potency and lineage specification in the mammalian germ line and during early embryonic development. He has contributed substantially to a better understanding of the epigenetic mechanisms underlying the switch from differentiated and transcriptionally silent germ cells to a totipotent embryo. His findings are also highly relevant for stem cell research and regeneration.

Rainer Friedrich combines a variety of modern techniques to analyze computational properties of neuronal circuits. Focusing on the olfactory system of zebrafish under intact and pathophysiological conditions, he studies how neuronal circuits process information encoded by complex activity patterns and dissects the underlying mechanisms. His work has provided insights into elementary computational properties

Each year, EMBO elects leading scientists as EMBO Members on the basis of proven excellence in research. With their election, Peters and Friedrich figure – along with 11 other FMI scientists – among Europe’s top 1500 life scientists. EMBO Members provide scientific expertise to the fellowship and conference programs coordinated and funded by EMBO, as well as participating in projects to promote the public dissemination of scientific knowledge.

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