October 12, 2012

Johannes Letzkus receives Adrian & Simone Frutiger Prize

Johannes Letzkus, an Ambizione fellow in Andreas Lüthi’s laboratory at the FMI, has received the Adrian & Simone Frutiger Prize. He was awarded the prize for his research into the neuronal processes that enable us to learn to fear and memorize fearful situations. His research findings are particularly interesting for patients suffering from anxiety disorders. These patients have “learned” to fear situations or objects to a degree that is not proportional to the real danger.
The Adrian & Simone Frutiger Foundation awards the prize once a year to a postdoctoral fellow who has made an important contribution and performed outstanding research in Switzerland in the fields of neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology. Adrian Frutiger, a world-renowned graphic designer, and his wife installed the award to foster research into the underlying causes and the treatment of brain disorders because two of their daughters decided to end their lives as adolescents. In 2012, the prize was awarded for the first time.

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