February 5, 2015

Former FMI PhD student Steffen Wolff is awarded the Pfizer Research Prize 2015

Steffen Wolff, former PhD student in Andreas Lüthi's group and currently postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, is one of the nine Pfizer Research Prize 2015 awardees. He receives the award for his paper on the dynamic regulation of learning processes by various types of interneurons published last year in Nature. The prize is one of the most prestigious prizes in Switzerland for a single research paper.

During his time at the FMI in Andreas Lüthi’s group, Steffen Wolff discovered that learning can only occur if certain neuronal “brakes” are released. Learning processes in the brain are dynamically regulated by various types of interneurons. The new connections essential for learning can only be established if inhibitory inputs from interneurons are reduced at the right moment.

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