November 4 2009

Botond Roska selected 2009 EMBO Young Investigator

Today, Botond Roska, group leader at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, was selected as one of seventeen 2009 EMBO Young Investigators. He joins rank with some of the most talented young scientists in Europe, benefiting not only from the financial support associated with this program but also from academic and practical support to develop his reputation in the scientific community.

Botond Roska was elected to the program based on his fascinating research on the workings of the eye. He is interested in how neurons in the retina interact in local networks to compute behaviorally relevant functions.

After Antoine Peters in 2008, Dirk Schübeler in 2006 and Silvia Arber in 2001, Botond Roska is already the fourth EMBO Young Investigator from the FMI since the inception of the program.

The EMBO Young Investigator Program was installed in 2000 to support promising young group leaders. The awardees are selected annually by the EMBO Members based on the high standard of their research.

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