October 20 2009

Dirk Schübeler, a newly elected EMBO member

This week the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) announced the election of Dirk Schübeler, senior group leader at the Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, to its membership. He is one of 60 newly appointed "leading life scientists". EMBO Director Hermann Bujard comments in the EMBO release: "The election once again puts a spotlight on the most outstanding representatives of the current generation of life scientists."

Dirk Schübeler is a widely acknowledged expert in epigenetics. He is interested in how alterations in the structure of chromatin, brought about by histone modifications and DNA methylation, influence the activation of genes in the nucleus.

EMBO elects leading scientists annually as EMBO Members based on proven excellence in research. With his election, Dirk Schübeler figures among the top 1420 life scientists of Europe, joining 9 other FMI scientists. EMBO Members provide scientific expertise to the fellowship and conference programs coordinated and funded by EMBO, and participate in projects that promote the public dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Dirk Schübeler's research interests
EMBO press release

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