Georg Keller

Sensory processing in the visual cortex.

The main aim of our research is to elucidate the key principles underlying sensory processing in the visual cortex. This research is based on the central hypothesis that sensory perception is an active process based on predictions and the detection of deviations from these predictions. In other words, much of what we perceive is not the result of what our sensory organs transmit to our brains but either the result of what we expect to perceive or the result of a large deviation from these expectations.

To investigate active visual processing, we use a combination of imaging and electrophysiological techniques to record activity of individual cortical neurons during a behavioral task performed in a virtual reality environment. We use molecular techniques to target our recordings to specific cell populations to identify the different functional elements of the circuit. Based on these experiments and theoretical considerations we then attempt to infer the basic functional principles underlying visual perception.

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Georg Keller
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