Marc Bühler

Ostapcuk V, Mohn F, Carl SH, Basters A, Hess D, Iesmantavicius V, Lampersberger L, Flemr M, Pandey A, Thomä N, Betschinger J, Bühler M (2018) Activity-dependent neuroprotective protein recruits HP1 and CHD4 to control lineage-specifying genes.
Nature, 557(7707):739-743
Highlighted in:
Jensen and Lorincz, Nature, 2018, 557:640-641
Kooy R: F1000Prime; DOI: 10.3410/f.733262791.793546116
Nowacki M: F1000Prime; DOI: 10.3410/f.733262791.793546888
Blelloch R: F1000Prime; DOI 10.3410/f.733262791.793550074

Knuckles P, Carl SH, Musheev M, Niehrs C, Wenger A, Bühler M (2017) RNA fate determination through cotranscriptional adenosine methylation and microprocessor binding.
Nature Structural and Molecular Biology, 24:561-569

Flury V, Georgescu PR, Iesmantavicius V, Shimada Y, Kuzdere T, Braun S, Bühler M (2017) The histone acetyltransferase Mst2 protects active chromatin from epigenetic silencing by acetylating the ubiquitin ligase Brl1.
Molecular Cell, 67(2):294-307

Shimada Y, Mohn F, and Bühler M (2016) The RNA-induced transcriptional silencing complex targets chromatin exclusively via interacting with nascent transcripts..
Genes and Development, 30:2570-2580
Highlighted in: Wendte and Pikaard, Genes Dev, 2016, 30:2649-2650

Kowalik KM, Shimada Y, Flury V, Stadler MB, Batki J, Bühler M (2015) The Paf1 complex represses small-RNA-mediated epigenetic gene silencing.
Nature, 520:248-52
Highlighted in: Zaratiegui, Nature, 2015, 520:162-164

Keller C, Adaixo R, Stunnenberg R, Woolcock KJ, Hiller S, Bühler M (2012) HP1(Swi6) mediates the recognition and destruction of heterochromatic RNA transcripts.
Mol Cell, 47:215-227
Highlighted in:
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Woolcock KJ, Stunnenberg R, Gaidatzis D, Hotz HR, Emmerth S, Barraud P, Bühler M (2012) RNAi keeps Atf1-bound stress response genes in check at nuclear pores.
Genes Dev, 26:683-92
Highlighted in:
Holoch and Moazed, Genes Dev. 2012; 26:741-5

Bühler M, Verdel A, Moazed D (2006) Tethering RITS to a Nascent Transcript Initiates RNAi- and Heterochromatin-Dependent Gene Silencing.
Cell, 125: 873-886
Highlighted in:
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. 2006; 13:575

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