Joerg Betschinger

Betschinger J, Nichols J, Dietmann S, Corrin PS, Paddison PJ, Smith A (2013) Exit from Pluripotency is Gated by Intracellular Redistribution of the bHLH Transcription Factor Tfe3.
Cell 153(2): 335-47

Betschinger J, Mechtler K, Knoblich JA (2006) Asymmetric Segregation of the Tumor Suppressor Brat Regulates Self-Renewal in Drosophila Neural Stem Cells.
Cell 124(6): 1241-53

Betschinger J, Mechtler K, Knoblich JA (2003) The Par Complex Directs Asymmetric Cell Division by Phosphorylating the Cytoskeletal Protein.
Nature 422(6929): 326-30

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