Antoine H.F.M. Peters

Mark E. Gill, Antoine H. F. M. Peters (2018) Toward human egg-like cells in vitro.
Science 362/ 6412: 291-292

Stavropoulou V, Kaspar S, Brault L, Sanders MA, Juge S, Morettini S, Tzankov A, Iacovino M, Lau IJ, Milne TA, Royo H, Kyba M, Valk PJ, Peters AH*, Schwaller J* (2016) MLL-AF9 expression in hematopoietic stem cells drives a highly invasive AML expressing EMT-related genes linked to poor outcome.
Cancer Cell 30:43-58
* shared corresponding authorship

Eymery A, Liu Z*, Ozonov EA*, Stadler MB, Peters AH (2016) The methyltransferase Setdb1 is essential for meiosis and mitosis in mouse oocytes and early embryos.
Development 143:2767-2779
* shared authorship

Royo H, Stadler MB*, Peters AH* (2016) Alternative computational analysis shows no evidence for nucleosome enrichment at repetitive sequences in mammalian spermatozoa.
Dev Cell 37:98-104
* shared corresponding authorship

Siklenka K*, Erkek S*, Godmann M, Lambrot R, McGraw S, Lafleur C, Cohen T, Xia J, Suderman M, Hallett M, Trasler J, Peters AHFM#, Kimmins S# (2015) Disruption of histone methylation in developing sperm impairs offspring health transgenerationally.
Science 350:aab2006
* co-first authorship and # corresponding authors

Tardat M*, Albert M*, Kunzmann R, Liu Z, Kaustov L, Thierry R, Duan S, Brykczynska U, Arrowsmith CH, Peters AHFM (2015) Cbx2 targets PRC1 to constitutive heterochromatin in mouse zygotes in a parent-of-origin-dependent manner.
Mol Cell 58:157-7
* co-first authorship

van de Werken C, van der Heijden GW, Eleveld C, Teeuwssen M, Albert M, Baarends WM, Laven JS, Peters AHFM, Baart EB (2014) Paternal heterochromatin formation in human embryos is H3K9/HP1 directed and primed by sperm-derived histone modifications.
Nat Commun 5:5868

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Nature Protocol 8:2449-2470

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Nat Struct Mol Biol 20: 868-875

Yokobayashi S, Liang C-Y, Kohler H, Nestorov P, Liu Z, Vidal M, van Lohuizen M, Roloff TC, Peters AHFM (2013) PRC1 coordinates timing of sexual differentiation of female primordial germ cells.
Nature 495: 236-240

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Genes Dev 26:920-32

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Curr Opin Cell Biol 24:387-96

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Nat Struct Mol Biol 17:679-687

Puschendorf M, Terranova R, Boutsma E, Mao X, Isono KI, Brykczynska U, Kolb C, Otte AP, Koseki H, Orkin SH, van Lohuizen M, Peters AHFM (2008) PRC1 and Suv39h specify parental asymmetry at constitutive heterochromatin in early mouse embryos.
Nat Genet 40:411-420
This paper is highlighted in: Packer A (2008) Epigenetics: across the generations. Nat Rev Gen 9:248-249

Terranova R, Yokobayashi S, Stadler MB, Otte AP, van Lohuizen M, Orkin SH, Peters AHFM (2008) Polycomb group proteins Ezh2 and Rnf2 direct genomic contraction and imprinted repression in early mouse embryos.
Dev Cell 15:668-679
This paper is highlighted in: Wu H-U, Bernstein E (2008) Partners in imprinting: non-coding RNA and polycomb group proteins. Dev Cell 15:637-638

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