The molecular histology platform provides cutting-edge tools and know-how for morphological and molecular characterization of animal and human tissues. We offer all necessary instruments from perfusion through embedding and cutting to final staining and documentation.
Our facility is equipped with
- a processing machine for paraffin embedding
- a fully automated microtome and cryostat
- a vibratome
- an automatic instrument for immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization
- a brightfield microscope equipped with a CCD camera

In addition, we provide reagents, consumables and some antibodies and offer a bank of mouse tissues for preliminary tests.
Our goal is to guide researchers from experimental design to analysis of the results. To this aim, we offer basic as well as advanced courses in diverse histological techniques and individual training on all instruments.
To provide investigators with the latest technology, we constantly search for new products, evaluate and test them and finally propose their use to investigators. To remain up-to-date, we participate in congresses where new technologies are presented and where we can discuss with specialists and build a network of technology knowledge. To maintain our position as a leading technology platform, we do on-site development in collaboration with international companies. To improve workflow efficiency we collaborate routinely with the microscopy and imaging platform.

Sandrine Bichet: Head histology

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