Proteomics and protein analysis

The proteomics and protein analysis facility provides a state-of the-art infrastructure for proteome-wide quantitative analyses as well as the structural and quantitative investigation of proteins, to aid in the understanding of their biological roles. Included here are new developments in mass spectrometry, stable isotope labeling-based sample multiplexing and separation technologies resulting in great sensitivity and speed of analysis.

  • Identification and quantification of proteins in complex mixtures out of solution or separated by PAGE
  • Identification and quantification of various covalent modifications (PTMs)
  • Identification and characterization of isolated proteins, protein complexes or protein fragments
  • Proteome-wide quantitative analyses

Proteome-wide quantitative analyses require planning, time and commitment from the user and our facility, and we provide individual training and assistance with the experimental setup and data analysis.

Jan Seebacher: Platform head, proteomics

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