Licensing Opportunities

The FMI is interested and experienced in the biomedical translation of its research findings.

Please contact the Head Patents and Licensing with questions and comments.

Below is a list of all the published licensing opportunities.

Title (priority date) Phosphorylated Twist1 and cancer(30.10.09)
Inventors Xue, Gresko, Vichalkowskiy & Hemmings
Title (priority date) Functionalized organotypic systems (29.09.09)
Inventors Busskamp, Dübel, Picaud, Sahel & Roska
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating MEX-3 (22.09.09)
Inventors Ciosk & Kalchhauser
Title (priority date) Genetic vasectomy by overexpression of PRML- EGFP fusion protein in spermatids (28.08.09)
Inventors Peters, Buch & Pelczar
Title (priority date) Novel therapy for anxiety (06.03.09)
Inventors Caroni, Gogolla, Herry & Lüthy
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating RNA helicases (24.09.2008)
Title (priority date) Modulating XRN2 (04.12.2008)
Inventors Chatterjee & Grosshans
Title (priority date) Treating cancer by modulating a MNK (12.11.2008)
Inventors Grzmil, Hemmings, Merlo & Morin
Title (priority date) Teneurin and cancer (07.11.2008)
Inventors Chiquet & Kenzelmann
Title (priority date) Modulating neuronal plasticity and treatment of neuronal loss by modulating Wnt7a or Wnt7b modulation (04.11.2008)
Inventors Caroni
Title (priority date) Experimental models of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (31.10.2008)
Inventors Dümmler, Hemmings & Zhuravleva
Title (priority date) Novel mitochondrial dye (25.06.2008)
Inventors Oertner & Rose
Title (priority date) Treating Cancer by Down-Regulating Frizzled-4 and/or Frizzled-1 (11.03.2008)
Inventors Hynes & Schlange
Title (priority date) Novel Tool for the Analysis of Neural Circuits (11.03.2008)
Inventors Balint, Boldogkoi & Roska
Title (priority date) Use of protease nexin 1 inhibitors to reduce metastasis (06.12.2007)
Inventors Fayard & Monard
Title (priority date) Biomarkers for the onset of neurodegenerative diseases (28.11.2007)
Inventors Caroni & Saxena
Title (priority date) Method for prolonging longevity (03.09.2007)
Inventors Adilov, Alcedo & Maier
Title (priority date) Uses and methods relating to NDR kinaseexpression and/or activity (29.11.2006)
Inventors Cornils, Dirnhofer & Hemmings
Title (priority date) Markers and screens (10.8.01)
Inventors Ackermann and Matus
Title (priority date) Anti-tumour agents and methods of identifying anti-tumour agents (9.8.01)
Inventors Chiquet-Ehrismann and Orend
Title (priority date) Tumour-cell specific gene expression and its use in cancer therapy (23.6.00)
Inventors Imbert, Krek and Gallani
Title (priority date) Compound and Method (9.6.00)
Inventors Hemmings and Maira
Title (priority date) Protease-activated receptor (PAR) modulator assays (15.12.99)
Inventors Altrogge and Monard
Title (priority date) Materials and Methods Relating to Cell Motility (20.3.03)
Inventors Badache, Hynes and Marone
Title (priority date) Phosphorylated NDR kinase (26.11.02)
Inventors Bichsel, Hemmings, Stegert and Tamaskovic
Title (priority date) PURIFIED PKB KINASE AND USES THEREOF (13.6.02)
Inventors Feng, Hemmings and Hill
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