Introduction to Computational Neuroscience

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In this lecture series, outstanding researchers will present central topics in computational and theoretical neuroscience. All speakers will give both a research talk and a general introduction to a computational neuroscience topic.

11th of August

Talk at 10:15

Workshop at 11:30  
Everton Agnes | Biozentrum- University of Basel
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Linking accessibility, allocation, and inhibitory gating in a model of context-dependent associative memory

Incorporating contextual control in Hopfield networks
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Talk at TBA

Workshop at TBA  
Idan Segeev | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Location: Zoom or FMI

Organizers: Claire Meissner-Bernard, Fiona Muellner Julian Rossbroich,

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Previous events 2022

1st of March *IN-PERSON*

Talk at 13:00

Workshop at 16:30  
Adrienne Fairhall | University of Washington
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Rich representations in dopamine

Biological mechanisms of reinforcement learning in birdsongs
26th of April *ONLINE*

Talk at 14:00

Workshop at 16:30  
Joel Zylberberg | York University, Toronto
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AI for Neuroscience for AI

How to force artificial neural networks to form more brain-like representations
07th of June *ONLINE*

Talk at 17:00

Workshop at 18:30  
Mark Goldman | UC Davis
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Integrators in short- and long-term memory

Linear network theory, with applications to memory networks
19th of July

Talk at 14:00

Workshop at 10:00  
Andrew Saxe | Sainsbury Wellcome Trust, London
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The Neural Race Reduction: Dynamics of nonlinear representation learning

Learning dynamics in deep linear networks

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