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Sep 10, 2019

Chromatin looping: CTCF versus ADNP

The organization of chromatin in the three-dimensional space is complex and requires the help of many proteins, including CTFC. Researchers from the group of Marc Bühler have identified a new player in the process: the transcription factor ADNP. In a recent study, they show that ADNP competes with CTFC, acting as a local modulator of chromatin looping. Read more

Aug 29, 2019

Preventing the onset of schizophrenia in mouse model

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Aug 17, 2019

Function from structure: the double life of a DUB

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Aug 05, 2019

Unlocking the secrets of an important regulator of human development

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Sep 24, 2019. Time: 15:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

The structure of the nuclear pore complex - an update
André Hoelz, Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA

Sep 26, 2019. Time: 14:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

The Garden of Forking Paths: single-cell lipidomics reveals metabolic circuits in neurogenesis
Giovanni D'angelo, EPFL, Lausanne

Oct 10, 2019. Time: 11:30  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

Temporal patterning and plasticity of progenitors in the developing neocortex
Denis Jabaudon, Department of Basic Neurosciences, University of Geneva

Oct 14, 2019. Time: 11:00  FMI Room 530  Add to my calendar  Register for this event

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Upasana Maheshwari

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Recent Publications

Deshpande I, Keusch JJ, Challa K, Iesmantavicius V, Gasser SM, Gut H The Sir4 H-BRCT domain interacts with phospho-proteins to sequester and repress yeast heterochromatin. EMBO J. 2019 Sep 12;:e101744

Ekundayo B, Bleichert F Origins of DNA replication. PLoS Genet. 2019 Sep;15(9):e1008320

Kaaij LJT, Mohn F, van der Weide RH, de Wit E, Bühler M The ChAHP Complex Counteracts Chromatin Looping at CTCF Sites that Emerged from SINE Expansions in Mouse. Cell. 2019 Sep 5;178(6):1437-1451.e14

Mukherjee A, Carvalho F, Eliez S, Caroni Long-Lasting Rescue of Network and Cognitive Dysfunction in a Genetic Schizophrenia Model. Cell. 2019 Aug 19. pii: S0092-8674(19)30790-1

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