Functional Genomics

Functional Genomics

Support of Next-Generation Sequencing from routine applications to customized solutions

The Functional Genomics team provides state-of-the-art support to FMI scientists for various next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications, from single-cell transcriptomics, epigenomics to whole genome sequencing.

We offer advices on experimental design, perform library preparation for supported applications, and manage NGS sequencing on Illumina platforms. Our laboratory is equipped with Illumina instruments (MiSeq, NextSeq and HiSeq2500), an Agilent Bravo liquid handling robot and a 10X genomics single-cell controller.

In addition, we collaborate with research groups to develop and implement new methods.

Genomics is a very fast evolving research field and we aim to keep at the forefront of the technology and share knowledge with all FMI scientists.

Sebastien Smallwood: Platform head, functional genomics

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Platform/Service Head

Tim Roloff (2009-2015, Platform head, functional genomics)
Edward Oakeley (2000-2009, Platform head, functional genomics)

PhD students

Andrija Tomovic (2004-2008, PhD student)

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Magdalena Guzowska (2011-2013, Postdoctoral fellow)
Erik Cabuy (2005-2007, Postdoctoral fellow)

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Desiree von Tell (2018, Technical/Research associate)
Birgitte Lucas (2013-2018, Technical/Research associate)
Sophie Dessus-Babus (2010-2015, Technical/Research associate)
Erik Cabuy (2007-2010, Research associate in single cell genomics)
Herbert Angliker (1996-2009, Technical/Research associate)

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