Proud of our alumni

The FMI takes great pride in its alumni and their endeavors after leaving the institute. Since the founding of the FMI in 1970, many successful careers in academia, and in industry, were spent at the FMI for some time.

FMI Alumni Relations

To support and celebrate alumni success, FMI Alumni Relations works to maintain a connection between FMI alumni themselves, as well as with the institute.

Different events and activities with alumni are coordinated:

  • FMI Alumni Meetups: after-work get together for alumni at a local Basel restaurant for social and career networking.
  • FMI Alumni Career Evenings: featuring alumni career talks followed by a networking Apéro.

FMI also maintains a private FMI Alumni LinkedIn page for networking which all FMI alumni are welcome to join.

Please contact Piera Cicchetti, FMI Guidance Counsellor, for further information.

Find an FMI Alumni

  • For alumni of current FMI research groups, please visit the page of the respective group and click on the "Members & Alumni" tab.
  • For former FMI group leaders and the alumni of their group, please visit our Former Group Leaders page.
  • For FMI alumni of Technology Platforms that do not exist anymore, please visit the Former Technology Platforms page.

Alumni Events

  • The last FMI Alumni Meetup took place on November 14, 2019.
    Information about the Meetups in 2020 will be shared soon.