A strong commitment to teaching

The Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research is an affiliated institute of the University of Basel. Many group leaders are professors at the University of Basel and/or are involved in diverse teaching activities. Several FMI group leaders present lecture series and laboratory courses at the university, especially in the Faculty of Science but also in the Faculty of Medicine.

Spring semester 2023:

10414-01 Neurobiologie (lecture) Silvia Arber
Rainer Friedrich
(P. Scheiffele)
17678-01 Progress in neuronal circuit research (seminar) Silvia Arber
63619-01 Basel Seminars in Neuroscience: Presentation and Discussion of Timely Subjects with Prominent Neuroscientists Andreas Lüthi
60717-01 Progress in Systems and Computational Neuroscience II (seminar) Rainer Friedrich
63145-01 New results and concepts in Neuroscience II (seminar) Rainer Friedrich
67497-01 Progress in Computational Neuroscience and Bio-inspired Machine Learning II (seminar) Friedemann Zenke
67495-01 Recent Advances in Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience II (seminar) Friedemann Zenke
60844-01 Underlying Principles of Scientific Investigation and Their Practical Application in the Laboratory Setting (lecture with practical courses) Marc Bühler
60841-01 Research in Gene Expression Control II (seminar) Marc Bühler
60843-01 Project design, data interpretation, and trouble shooting II (seminar) Marc Bühler
61989-01 Experiments in Quantitative Biology II (seminar) Helge Grosshans
61987-01 Research in Molecular Development II (seminar) Helge Grosshans
39343-01 Progress in chromatin and epigenetic research II (seminar) Antoine Peters
17913-01 Chromatin and Epigenetics (lecture) Antoine Peters
Dirk Schübeler
61982-01 Genome Biology II (seminar) Dirk Schübeler
61750-01 Multicellular Systems (seminar) Prisca Liberali
Charisios Tsiairis
45038-01 Analysis of Genomics Data with R/Bioconductor (lecture with practical courses) P. Papasaikas, C. Soneson, M. Stadler (& others)