Career opportunities at the FMI

The Friedrich Miescher Institute brings together in an open collegial research environment a unique scientific community of diverse talents: outstanding group leaders, highly trained professional staff, as well as postdocs and students from around the world.
The scientific community is supported by a relatively lean administrative organization (IT, Finance, HR, Facility Management, Secretariat, Communications…) We do have open positions in both the research and the administrative organization on a regular basis. Please see below an overview of currently open positions at the FMI. We are looking forward to your application!

If you are a postdoc, feel free to contact directly the group leader in your area of interest directly; even if they don’t have an open position listed here, group leaders are generally interested in dedicated and highly motivated scientists to join their research teams.

Students looking for a (MD-)PhD position should consult our (MD-)PhD program section.

Current open positions:

Head of Scientific Computing, Basel, Switzerland Jul 05, 2022 Read More
PhD or Postdoctoral position in neural circuit research Mar 15, 2022 Read More
Image analysis expert Jan 17, 2022 Read More
Postdoctoral Position in Epigenetic Gene Regulation Dec 06, 2021 Read More
Postdoctoral Position: Motor Circuit Function Nov 25, 2020 Read More