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1st Swiss Computational Neuroscience Summer School

August 19 - 23, 2013

The aim of this summer school is to provide a systematic introduction to central topics in computational neuroscience. The topics to be addressed are mathematical concepts from dynamical systems, information theory and signal processing, and how these mathematical concepts can be applied to neuroscience. Importantly, both the theoretical and practical aspects of each topic will be covered.

In detail, every day of the course will consist of two consecutive modules, each of which will include:

  • Two interactive lectures, where theoretical aspects of a topic will be introduced.
  • A structured hands- on tutorial, where the previously addressed theory will be put in practice. This can include pen & paper and MATLAB- based exercises, as well as hands-on sessions with experimental data.

The course is designed for Master/PhD students and postdocs and from a variety of neuroscience - related fields, including biology, psychology, medicine, physics and computer science.

There will be social activities in the evenings.

Key topics:
Neural Coding, Information Theory, Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing, Estimation Theory

Yael Bitterman, Hebrew University
Felix Franke, ETH Zurich
Richard Hahnloser, ETH Zurich
Gilad Jacobson, FMI

Course organizer:
Rainer Friedrich, FMI
with the help of:
Alexander Attinger, Antonia Drinnenberg, Gilad Jacobson,
Milica Markovic, Adrian Wanner

The number of participants is limited to 25 students.

This course is tuition-free. CNIB does not provide financial support for travel costs, room and board. However, a limited number of free housing opportunities with FMI-students is available upon request.

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Registration is now closed.