FMI research programs

The Friedrich Miescher Institute is devoted to fundamental biomedical research to understand the basic molecular mechanisms in health and disease.

The FMI focuses on the fields of

Epigenetics Quantitative Biology Neurobiology
Marc Bühler
Jeffrey A. Chao
Helge Grosshans
Patrick Matthias
Antoine H.F.M. Peters
Dirk Schübeler
Joerg Betschinger
Franziska Bleichert
Guillaume Diss
Susan M. Gasser
Luca Giorgetti
Prisca Liberali
Nicolas Thomä
Charisios Tsiairis
Silvia Arber
Pico Caroni
Johannes Felsenberg
Rainer W. Friedrich
Georg Keller
Andreas Lüthi
Filippo M. Rijli
Botond Roska
Friedemann Zenke

Emeritus faculty

Our emeritus faculty often takes part in seminars and other activities of the institute. Several continue an active scientific life without a lab, or have taken on new roles.

» Max M. Burger
» Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann
» Witold Filipowicz
» Brian A. Hemmings
» Jan Hofsteenge
» Barbara Hohn
» Thomas Hohn
» Nancy E. Hynes
» Jean-Pierre Jost
» Andrew Matus
» Frederick Meins
» Denis Monard
» Yoshikuni Nagamine
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