Brian A. Hemmings

Brian A. Hemmings

Targeting the cancer kinome

Judging simply by the abundance of protein kinase and protein phosphatase genes, protein phosphorylation is a very important regulatory mechanism. Our current work focuses on the role of these enzymes in eukaryotic signaling pathways and their possible implications in human diseases.

Signal transduction pathways in mammalian cells function through the coordinated activation, or inactivation of protein kinases and phosphatases localized in the cell membrane, cytoplasm or nucleus. Many human diseases result from deregulation of signal transduction pathways; for example, the proliferation signal pathways of cancer cells are permanently upregulated following mutation of key regulatory enzymes.

Our current research activities focus on targeting novel kinases involved in the development and progression of glioblastoma, ovarian cancer and lymphoma with the ultimate aim of finding new personalized therapeutic strategies.

Most highly cited paper
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PhD students

Fengyuan Tang (2010-2014)
Simon Manuel Schultze (2009-2013)
Yuhua Wang (2007-2012)
Roland Huber (2011)
Elena Zhuravleva (2006-2011)
Reto Kohler (2006-2011)
Debora Schmitz (2004-2010)
David Restuccia (2005-2010)
Hauke Cornils (2005-2010)
Lana Bozulic (2004-2009)
Banu Sueruecue (2004-2008)
Bettina Duemmler (2002-2006)
Daniel Heisswolf (2006)
Mario Stegert (2000-2006)
Monika Wnuk (2005-2006)
Oliver Tschopp (2001-2005)
Samuel Bichsel (1999-2005)
Karsten Schmidt (1999-2004)
Zhongzhou Yang (1999-2004)
Ivana Galetic (1998-2003)
Jongsun Park (1997-2002)
Natasa Andjelkovic (1992-1997)
Mirjana Andjelkovic (1991-1997)
Iwan Beuvink (1994-1996)
Patric Turowski (1989-1996)
Luigi Catanzariti (1986-1992)
Regina Mayer-Jaekel (1987-1992)
Kuno Schwander (1986-1990)
Markus Wartmann (1987-1990)

Postdoctoral fellows

Michal Grzmil (2008-2015)
Fengyuan Tang (2014-2015)
Gongda Xue (2008-2014)
Debora Schmitz (2010-2014)
Gerald Moncayo (2009-2014)
Lei Zhang (2010-2014)
Simon Manuel Schultze (2014)
Yuhua Wang (2012-2013)
Julia Kleylein-Sohn (2012)
Elena Zhuravleva (2011-2012)
Roland Huber (2011-2012)
Hauke Cornils (2010)
Alexander Hergovich (1999-2010)
Anton Vichalkovski (2005-2009)
Elisabeth Fayard (2004-2009)
Arnaud Parcellier (2005-2009)
Pier Jr Morin (2006-2008)
Lionel Tintignac (2004-2007)
Ekaterina Gresko (2006-2007)
Anne Baudry (2003-2005)
Masahito Hanada (2001-2005)
Zhongzhou Yang (2004-2005)
Jongsun Park (2002-2004)
Jianhua Feng (2000-2004)
Rastislav Tamaskovic (2000-2004)
Derek Brazil (2000-2002)
Michelle Hill (1999-2002)
Sauveur-Michel Maira (1999-2001)
Rick Wansink (2001)
Daniela Brodbeck Hummel (1997-2001)
Maciej Pietrzak (1999-2000)
David Evans (1997-2000)
Lars Hansen (1999-2000)
Mirjana Andjelkovic (1997-2000)
Roger Meier (1996-2000)
Yohei Niikura (2000)
Thomas A. Millward (1993-1999)
Timothy Myles (1996-1999)
Matthias Frech (1995-1998)
Burkhard Scharm (1996-1998)
Jurgen Sonnemann (1995-1996)
Evan Ingley (1991-1995)
Stefaan Wera (1994-1995)
Stanislaw Zolnierowicz (1991-1995)
Bertrand Favre (1991-1994)
Regina Mayer-Jaekel (1992-1994)
Pamela Jones (1989-1992)
Teresa Jakubowicz (1989-1990)
Yee Sim Khew-Goodall (1987-1990)
Francoise Stutz (1987-1988)
Rao S. Adavani (1985-1987)
David Jans (1984-1987)

Technical/Research associates

Peter David Cron (1990-2015)
Debby Hynx (2002-2014)
Francisca Maurer (1987-1990)
Manuela Schwarz(Held-) (1983-1987)
Pia Hessmann (1984-1985)


Salome Stierli (2010-2012)
Wojciech Kulacz (2007-2008)
Sabrina Merat (2007)
Reto Kohler (2005-2006)
Magdalena Paolino (2005-2006)
Lana Bozulic (2003-2004)
Zizhen Yang (2002)
Helen Tolmie (2000)
Ivana Galetic (1997-1998)
Mathias Dick (1992-1993)
Carolynne E. Ford (1992)
Alain Nanzer (1988-1990)
Fernando Pitossi (1988-1989)
Dorothy M. Suput (1986-1987)
Ines Nowak (1985-1986)
Stephan Oehen (1986)
Joanne M. Parsons (1986)
Katja Seipel (1985-1986)
Sarah H. Botterell (1985)

Visiting scientists

David Restuccia (2010-2012)
Wiktor Banachewicz (2003)
Katarzyna Lechward (1996-1999)
Peter A. Hendrix (1989-1990)
Maria Ruzzene (1989-1990)
Wolfgang Wernet (1987)
Wolfgang Heil (1986)


PhD, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
BSc, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

Positions held

Senior Group Leader, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel
Junior Group Leader, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research, Basel
FMI Research Associate, The Rockefeller University, New York
MRC Research Fellow, Medical Sciences Institute, University of Dundee, Dundee
Fogarty Visiting Fellow, NIH, Bethesda, Md., USA
Research Fellow, Biochemisches Institut der Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany


Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of London
Executive Committee Basel Signaling Alliance
Faculty 1000
Gairdner Foundation Medical Award Subcommittee
2004 and 2005
In ISI "100 Most Cited Scientists in Biology and Biochemistry"
Novartis Corporate Research Award for Scientific Excellence
Swiss Bridge Award
Member, Scientific Committee, Swiss Cancer League
Cloëtta Prize, Prof. Dr. Max Cloëtta Foundation, Zurich
Japanese Biochemical Society "JB" award
Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Katholieke Universiteit, Leuven
Philip Godfrey Memorial Lecture of the Biochemical Society Meeting, Glasgow
Member, Evaluation Committee, Göran Gustafsson Foundation (The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
Member, EMBO
Belper Graduation Prize, University of Nottingham, Nottingham