Facility for Advanced Imaging and Microscopy

The microscopy and imaging core facility supports FMI scientists and collaborators for high-end light and electron microscopy, high-content screening, X-ray crystallography, and image analysis.

Our main goals are to:
  • Provide access to high-end acquisition and analysis workstations
  • Maintain instruments and workstations to ensure quality and efficiency
  • Train scientists to make sure hardware and software are used at the highest possible level
  • Develop workflows for big-data analysis and storage 
  • Maintain an institute-wide image database for better and safer archiving of all images or image-related documents
  • Connect with other sites to make usage of the know-how among the Swiss, European or worldwide network of microscopy and imaging

Laurent Gelman: Platform head, light microscopy
Christel Genoud: Head FAIM - EM

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